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Passione Vino Newspaper Print

Our Work Passione Vino Newspaper

Luca’s Visual Scrapbook


A Passione Vino newspaper already existed. Lots to digest. Perfectly neat columns. Each supplier with an equal space dedicated to them. Clean. Precise. Nice. But that wasn’t Passione Vino.

Bigger, bolder, brasher

Having redefined their brand identity, we knew that their newspaper demanded something bigger, bolder and far more ambitious. A newspaper that was truly reflective of Luca Dusi, the man that made it happen.

Throwing out the rule book

Capturing the spirit of Passione Vino in print meant throwing out the rule book altogether. We needed something that felt chaotic and noisy. Full of big opinions that challenged convention, expressed in a manner that hooked you in and refused to let you go.

Impossible to ignore

A visual language that subsequently informed the Passione Vino website we created, ensured every spread of this 80-page publication felt like a brand new discovery. Every turn demanding the same attention Luca does when he strides into any room.

A trip to remember

Handwritten notes and on-the-fly scribbles. Circled highlights over nostalgic photography. Punchy statements to long and winding tales. And quotes ranging from the intriguing to the outright outrageous.

A scrapbook that transported you to the secret corners of Italy with Luca. And who wouldn’t want to go on that trip?

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