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Reflecting the spirit of the south coast

Sea Arch is a non-alcoholic gin alternative, distilled using south coast botanicals.

A name born out of a cliff face’s natural erosion, it also acted as the perfect metaphor for their ‘more beautiful without’ ethos.

In a growing, competitive category, Sea Arch came to us to elevate their existing packaging; to create a more premium feel and a closer connection to its south coast roots.

A walk on the south coast inspired a range of patterns created by seal kelp, one of the key botanicals in Sea Arch. These patterns were debossed to add tactility, running around the edge of the bottle to reflect the sea’s movement.

More beautiful without

The logo was refined by adjusting its type and matching the scale of the words ‘Sea’ and ‘Arch’. We added copper foil to the logo – a nod to the distillation tanks used whilst lifting its premium aesthetic and a scalloped edged label added a much-needed layer of tactility.

Finally, we moved the product’s standout botanicals to centre stage and ensured that the ‘More Beautiful Without’ message became an integral part of the customer’s interaction with the bottle.

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