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Wine, bistros and laundry


New world wine experts Specialist Cellars worked with acclaimed Marlborough winemaker Ben Glover to produce their own range. One that could sit proudly on the shelves of The Laundry – their new bistro and wine shop based in an Edwardian laundrette.

Old world heritage meets new world energy

A new world wine. The Laundry. Their latest press. The name worked.

Naturally, it demanded an identity that was also rooted in reason and could successfully combine the brand’s old-world heritage with new world energy.

So we bought a mangle, turned it into a letterpress and replicated the motions of laundry pressing to create our own type.

An Edwardian mangle was transformed into a letterpress to give each variety a unique wordmark

A personality of its own

The beautiful unpredictability of the results helped us create a playful but grown-up range of labels for their Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir and Pinot Rosé; each with a unique personality, true to the wine inside each bottle.

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