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The home of music curation for business


Open Ear describe themselves as ‘the home of music curation for businesses’. Boasting a client list full of the most enviable brand’s in hospitality, Open Ear is run by some of music’s most revered experts and tastemakers.

Unlocking music's potential

Now a decade old and the competitive landscape as tough as ever, Open Ear needed to communicate why they were the only option for forward thinking hospitality brands wanting to squeeze the most out of their music.

Built for operators

We were tasked with creating an animation that could communicate a number of messages in a short space of time.

It needed to speak to operators wanting a total hands-off solution, those requiring complete complete control and those seeking something in-between the two.

A 3D world made human

We created a 3D, make-believe world focusing on seven individual scenes – each communicating a new benefit and reason for working with Open Ear.

Narration via voiceover alongside intricate sound design helped it feel human, real and relevant to the audience it was aimed at, whilst also showcasing Open Ear’s extensive breadth of music knowledge.

Software Render & Super Grainer
Early Conceptual render

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