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A New Home for Caravan


Caravan has become a destination for discerning coffee drinkers and defined the all-day, Antipodean cafe for London diners since launching in 2010. Fast forward a decade and the brand needed to craft a new concept, based on a similar ethos but for an entirely new audience.

No boundaries

Vardo, a 19th-century Romany term for a horse-drawn caravan, needed to extend the Caravan brand into a more formal setting.

Long-known for offering a wide array of dishes from all corners of the globe, the team behind Vardo set themselves a new challenge – to create a nomadic menu. Combinations without a clear origin, pushing the limits of what would be expected on a dining table.

Rewarding the journey

The site incorporates a line that follows the user down the homepage, drawing the eye and representing the silk road and the travelling wagons the name harks back to.

A withdrawn palette, distressed images and gentle page transitions connect the site with the design & ambience of the physical space.

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