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Made in England and 130 years of experience behind them, Haws had built a world-renowned reputation, centred around their iconic and flawless watering cans.

A younger, urban audience

A new packaging and print focused identity by Together Design had revitalised the brand, instantly aligning it with a younger, more lifestyle driven, online-first audience.

And this was where the new priority for Haws was – shifting the focus away from the traditional high-street garden centres were they saw the vast bulk of their sales generated.

Shifting to e-commerce

A new e-commerce site was needed. One that could match the aesthetics and sensibilities of this new urban demographic – orientating the customer journey around use (indoor vs outdoor) over product specification (small vs large).

Behind the Work

Design without a strategy doesn’t work.

Translating its new identity online

These were beautiful, iconic products – purchased for their visual aesthetic as much as their unrivalled function. So the site needed to allow the cans to do the selling.

We created a fleshed out UI kit to help provide further digital flex. And we ensured that this was designed mobile first, where an increasing bulk of the intended audience would be purchasing.

Beyond the cans

Accessories and add ons were available, so the site needed to ensure that ancillary revenue was being driven effectively behind a reasoned, logical and helpful sales journey.

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