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Franco and Giuseppe

Every brand has a story. But few as charming as Giuseppe Mascoli’s Franco Manca. It had been told in written word a number of times, but never brought to life via film. Shooting the restaurant environments, their pioneering wood ovens and teams in action, the film aimed to tell the story of how the brand went from its small, humble beginnings in Brixton Market to a national phenomenon that changed pizza in the UK forever. And who better to tell the story than the main man himself?

Fresh, local, pioneering design

Born in Brixton Market in 2008, the pizza pioneers changed the pizza game forever. Fast forward a decade and Franco Manca now boast an estate of 50 restaurants.

As their creative partner covering everything digital, motion, packaging and print, we have been tasked to retain the anti-brand’s local, pioneering and radically simple ethos to support their growth.

A radically simple website

We were tasked with designing and building a website which catered to a larger audience more effectively, worked harder commercially, ensured their local ethos was championed and retained their ‘radically simple’, punk spirit.

Geolocation upon landing, live site-specific specials pulled directly from the restaurant’s tills and a mobile journey focused on click & collect conversion. Truly local, positively pioneering and radically simple.

The anti-brand menu suite

We redesigned each menu for easier navigation, richer storytelling and to turn the back on the competition.

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