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Building your own boat


Few of us have the luxury of owning a luxury yacht. But even for those that can, they’ve never had the luxury of configuring their own Fairline yacht online.




The luxury of choice

Fairline has been manufacturing award-winning yachts for half a century. Boats have long been sold in person, at a boat show or via an international network of dealers based at or close to prominent marinas. And buyers are accustomed to spending a healthy dose of time & effort, alongside a few hundred thousand pounds.

Even before Covid-19, it was clear to Fairline that this market was primed to move online. The likes of Tesla and Jaguar had proved that customers were willing to configure & buy high-ticket items without ever meeting a member of the team or running their hands over a vehicle.


Sailing through the user journey

Luxury yacht enthusiasts are used to expecting the best. So the configurator needed to be engaging, intuitive and coherent, walking the user through their options to the point of completion, and it needed to answer the questions that a dealer usually would.

We condensed the options into six steps. Each selection is matched with a 3D render to highlight what’s been chosen, added or removed, and dynamic pricing to update the total cost.

Behind the Work

Design without a strategy doesn’t work.

A digital product, not a website

We knew success would warrant creating further configurators to house the remainder of the Fairline range.

So we had to design and build an adaptable product. Bespoke, ready to scale and easy to optimise.

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