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Our Work Careys Manor Hotel & Senspa

Creating a new, more unified brand

Careys Manor is a New Forest resort, known for its hotel, world-class spa, picturesque setting and a trio of restaurants serving Thai, French and modern British cuisine. 

Inspired by nature

Our first challenge was to find an approach that would feel consistent and uniform, whilst still reflecting three distinctive cultures.

We looked to the surrounding countryside for inspiration and produced a series of colour illustrations that referenced the idea of ‘the forest’ and the different wildlife and fauna that brought to mind in Britain, France and Thailand. 

Forty Eight Point One - 48.1 - Careys Manor
Forty Eight Point One - 48.1 - Careys Manor
Forty Eight Point One - 48.1 - Careys Manor

A website that changes with the seasons

A popular tourist destination throughout the calendar, the New Forest transforms as it moves through the seasons. Wanting the new website to reflect this, we developed a range of sympathetic colour schemes that would change as the year progressed.

A simpler experience

We focused on streamlining the user experience, with a layout that felt much more intuitive and showed the ‘best of’ the property at a glance.

Behind the Work

Design without a strategy doesn’t work.

Bringing offline, online

Gentle new animations brought a sense of calm, mirroring the guest experience of visiting the resort.

Making the spa the star

The spa at Careys Manor is one of the country’s finest, but the sheer range of treatments and activities available could be overwhelming, particularly when navigating the previous version of the site.

We refined the spa brand to be more coherent with Careys Manor’s look & feel and focused on driving awareness of the Spa’s unique offer and heritage, rather than the full range of facilities.

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