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Traquair House is the oldest, inhabited house in Scotland boasting 900 years of royal tradition. The brewery itself dates back to the early 1700’s, forging a global reputation as a micro-brewing pioneer.

A series of collectables steeped in heritage

With capacity at a premium, Traquair House needed to maximise the value of each bottle brewed, raising the status of their high strength, malt-lead beers (known as a ‘wee heavy’) via a series of collectible, vintage ales.

Rich in heritage and intrigue, Traquair’s storytelling potential was vast, underpinned by the royals and nobles who have inhabited the house over the centuries.

The Jacobite rebel

Providing an identifiable style to the vintage ales, we chose two characters to represent each beer.

Firstly Lord Nithsdale, escapee from the Tower of London in 1716. The second, his partner in crime Lady Nithsdale, the brains behind the escape itself (more about that here).

Lord and Lady, side by side

We sat our heroes together, eye levels neatly aligned. Our logo was foiled in copper, a nod to the revival of the accidental micro brewery (the copper liquor tanks were discovered whilst cleaning out a room in the house).

We used the back of the labels to tell the story of the escape itself and by selling the beer as a pairing, Traquair House were able to up-sell a collectable pair, both online and in the on site shop.

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