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Our Work Sourced Market

A megaphone for independent producers

In 2010, inspired by the Borough Market food offering on his doorstep, Ben O’ Brien saw an opportunity to showcase the country’s most exciting food suppliers under one roof.

Lost in the market it created

Fast forward 10 years, and there are now multiple sites across the capital with ambitions for national expansion.

Sourced Market had created a new space. Others reacted. The market evolved. And a lack of brand definition and guidelines saw Sourced Market quickly lose ground.

We were tasked with helping them get back to leading the charge via a clearer, more empowering brand proposition.

Developing a voice for the megaphone

Underpinned by interviews with the key stakeholders, we created a new set of brand values, messaging pillars, a tone of voice and strapline. A vision to give consumers and employees a reason to believe again.

Clarity, warmth and wit

A scalable, flexible and streamlined visual identity was created, guided by the brand’s new messaging principles. A calm and reasoned palette was chosen to help further amplify each of the brand’s values.

And illustrator Nishant Choksi produced a set of illustrations that injected some much needed warmth, personality and wit.

Illustrations by Nishant Choksi

Behind the Work

Design without a strategy doesn’t work.

A foolproof set of digital guidelines

With the brand set for ambitious growth, it was crucial that both Sourced Market’s internal team and third party agencies could seamlessly roll out the new identity.

So we developed a set of easy to understand digital guidelines that could be adapted instantly as the brand stretched.

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