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Revenant Cider Brand, Packaging

Our Work Revenant Cider

A new cider for the new cider drinker

In a market as flat and fusty as the many cider’s that occupy it, co-founders George, Lawrence, Paul and Richard were on a mission to create something new. Not the sweet, sugary, fizzy type. Not the flat, warm, funky kind.

Dry yet sparkling yet refreshing. An ideal partner for a wide variety of cuisines and an alternative to the traditional aperitif, as much as a cider.

Photoshoot and Sketch Development

Their existing brand identity failed to match the vision of the business nor its refined flavour profile. We were tasked with creating a fresh new look, befitting the liquid inside the can and appealing to the brand’s audience of early adopters – those willing to take a risk on something new.

Inspired by Werner Bischof’s photography of 1940’s exploration, we created a new identity that encapsulated the spirit of discovery and championed the brand’s urge to delve into territories few had walked.

A risk rewarded.

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