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Lighting up a new world


When an internationally renowned design firm asks you to help them launch a new brand from the ground up, the eyes light up – so to speak.

A reputation for excellence

Cameron Design House is known for its stunning, sculptural lighting pieces, found in some of the world’s most prestigious residential and commercial developments.

Having decided to launch a new brand aimed primarily at interior design professionals, they invited us to help them build it from the ground up.

Offering a range of highly customisable lighting pieces that could be tailored to create something beautifully unique each time, this was a high-end product that could truly capture the imagination.

What's in a name?

The name ‘Empty State’ was a study of the power of juxtaposition. Ambiguous and enigmatic, it hinted at the product’s adaptability and potential to be transformed into anything the customer could imagine.

Structure with warmth

Sculptural and mechanical, the Avenue Mono typeface possessed a warmth and invitingly personal quality that suggested something both very human and highly automated.

Behind the Work

Design without a strategy doesn’t work.

The best of both worlds

Precision-engineered and lovingly crafted with impeccable attention to detail, the new brand gave cutting edge technology a decidedly human touch. 

We mirrored this in a colour scheme that combined a cool, muted two-tone palette with flashes of rich, vivid blue. 

Human vs Machine

Our approach to messaging expanded on this idea of juxtaposition.

Attention-grabbing headlines and category titles to engage and intrigue the reader. Lean, pared-back body copy meanwhile matched the effortless precision of Empty State’s craft.

Beauty in the details

Visuals highlighted the intricacy, design and incredible beauty of each individual component to really celebrate the craft at the core of the brand.

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