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Daffodil Mulligan Brand, Print

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Bursting with Irish mischief


This was unchartered territory for pioneering Irish chef Richard Corrigan. This wasn’t west London fine dining. This was east London radical. Live music, spoken word and poetry. New place, different crowd, same flawless standards.

A peach and a pearl

Inspired by the song of the same name (centred around the daughter of legendary Irish street seller Biddy Mulligan). An attitude representative of Ireland’s first female parliamentary member and true power woman, Constance Markievicz.

Rebellious, unpredictable, a true punk spirit. “A revolver in one hand and a cigarette in the other”.

This was everything Richard wanted Daffodil Mulligan to be.

Real Ireland with a real story

We were tasked with creating a flexible brand identity rich with Irish soul. One that matched the independent, punk spirit that Daffodil Mulligan represented and rid of the clichés often found in England’s ’Irish’ pubs. The real Ireland with a real story.

With that in mind, type was inspired by the serifs found in the archive of Irish-advertising prints – those with a daffodil like quality to them. We redrew the lettering to form the brand’s primary wordmark. We then created a series of secondary wordmarks to add to the beautifully crafted chaos required.

Opening eyes

We worked with both the interior design agency and signage producers to create some head-turning neon external signs, ensuring passers-by looked and blinked twice.

Lyrical illustrations

We created a small library of illustrations representative of legendary Irish proverbs, the Daffodil Mulligan lyrics and the spirit of Constance Markievicz herself to add warmth, depth and gutsiness to proceedings.

Hands on

The final touch? A bespoke severed, tattooed hand acting as Daffodil Mulligan’s reserved sign. 

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