Forty Eight Point One

CHP Brand, Digital, Print

Our Work CHP

An identity to define their next 30 years

For the last three decades, CHP have been working behind the scenes to bring many of the world’s most famous landmarks and noted buildings to life. The brand, however, simply didn’t reflect the level of experience, know-how or breadth of a business operating on both sides of the Atlantic.

A strategic foundation

We began by reviewing the landscape to understand how CHP’s competitors position themselves; often corporate and void of the emotion attached to the estates they helped bring together. 


CHP needed to be trusted and distinct at a glance. And, with most of their acquisition coming via digital channels, we had to consider the breadth of application online. So we created a clean, sharp and contemporary identity aligned with their vision for the future.

Produced using GF Smith's Gmund Urban range, crafted from cement and wood

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