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“Everything is a little off…
in the best kind of way”


Based in Notting Hill and Mayfair with ambitions to take over Camden, Barcelona and beyond, Cha Cha is a tribe of independent, free-spirited venues. A hedonistic collision of indulgent bites, killer cocktails and timeless tunes.

A colourful voyage of a time gone by

We were tasked with reimagining Cha Cha’s brand identity, ensuring it represented the business now and in the future. Overflowing with character. A true celebration of bygone times.

We dug through the archives to uncover photographic collections from the past and gave them a twist by slicing and layering with flowers, mushrooms, and butterflies.

With an overhead camera set up and plenty of experimentation, we created a series of surreal and whimsical wonderlands acting as hero assets – true to Cha Cha’s ‘the party-starts-and-ends-whenever-you-decide-it-to’ attitude.



Follow the sun. Chase the moon

We chose paper stocks for the daytime & evening menus that aligned with our night vs day concept: Keaykolour Particles Sunshine for daytime menus and Keaykolour Particles Moonlight for our evening menus.

Reflective flecks within each paper stock catch the light and add to that sense of Cha Cha magic.

Assortment of Coasters

We created a series of easy-to-populate, playful instagram templates that expressed Cha Cha’s free-spirited nature across each of its social channels.

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