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What We Do

We help brand owners and operators outsmart their competition, serve more customers and grow their business.We build brands of all sizes; from the startups you didn’t see coming through to the household names you can’t do without.

Research & Strategy

The first step in anything we do - and always the most important. This is about getting under the skin of a topic and then persisting until we answer the question, solve the problem, unearth something completely unexpected or all of the above.

Design & Identity

Design shouldn't simply look good - it needs to prod, provoke and persuade.Our job here is to persuade action. To buy, to book, to watch, to share, to click, to play, to eat, to drink; design that makes things happen.


Great campaigns can do remarkable things. But only when they speak to both heart and mind in the right place at the right time. It’s not uncommon that what started as a social campaign can easily change to a print campaign. And vice versa. Why? Because we build campaigns from the ground up. Not sideways in.

Our Clients

We're firm believers that great work is always the sum of its parts. Enthusiastic clients, hard work and meaningful relationships are what make us love what we do.


“The fantastic work 48.1 have done has really allowed this brand to look forward with enormous positivity. We have a plan and it’s a bloody good one!”

– Scott MacDonald, Managing Director

Taste of London

“The assets that 48.1 produced delivered the highest Twitter reach and Facebook impressions of the entire campaign”

– Freya Orley-Simmons, Content Marketing Manager

Aprés London

“Racing from concept to launch in 6 weeks, whilst also navigating through a merger, is hard work. The team at 48.1 were proactive and communicative. They quickly developed a campaign that maximised our budget, defined the offer and, most importantly, got people through the door on day 1.”

– Andy Young, Ops Director

Open Ear

“We needed to move fast. 48.1 were ready! The team created a thorough campaign strategy, then designed the assets and built the microsites that brought the idea to life. 48.1 went over and above to make it work.”

– Max Lutoslawski, Creative Director

Let's Talk

If there’s a campaign you need creating, a product you need designing or an area you need to understand better, drop us a line.

Address:Forty Eight Point OneWhite Collar Factory1 Old Street YardLondonEC1Y 8AF Telephone:020 8088 0481 Email:simon@fortyeight.one

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